What do NeuroMovement® Lessons Look Like?

Well, it depends...  

You can experience NeuroMovement® as either voice-led lessons or hands-on lessons. Both types of lessons have their advantages, and I encourage you to try both.  

Transformational Movement® Lessons (TML)

During most TML's, you lie upon a mat on the floor (or in a bed if pain is an issue). Some lessons require that you sit in a chair or stand upright. You move slowly and gently in response to my voice-led instruction.  These can be private or group classes.  Click here for in-person group lessons, and here for online group lessons

Functional Synthesis® Lessons (FS)

During private FS lessons, you lie fully clothed upon the table or a mat on the floor. Lessons may also be adapted so that you may sit in a chair. I move you through a series of slow, gentle movements to allow you to discover additional possibilities for movement.

How to get the best results


NeuroMovement® is an educational system. Like any other method of teaching, the results can depend on many factors. One of the best ways to accelerate learning, though, is to take a concentrated series of private Functional Synthesis lessons rather than single lessons only once in a while.

If too much time passes between lessons, your brain does not have the opportunity to strengthen the neural pathways formed during your last lesson. Then you have to spend time trying to relearn what was already taught at the beginning of your next lesson. You've probably experienced this when you took a prolonged vacation from school or work. The first few days back usually entail a lot of review.

To spend our time most efficiently, I recommend taking a minimum of three lessons within a week. Of course, if your schedule does not allow for such frequent lessons, just try to schedule your lessons as closely as possible. You can always fill in the gaps with group classes.

Ideally, you would take 5-10 lessons within a one week period. Then you could take weeks to months off to integrate the changes in your body.  

What People are Saying

 "Ana Maria is a wonderful person to work with because she meets me where I am in each moment which makes me trust her.  I've been to sessions with in her various states: tired, stressed out, sad, depressed, happy, excited, confused.  Each and every time the session ends, I feel the difference in my body and my mind.  

I'm more grounded with my body and more at peace with myself.  There's more of a sense of ease as I transition from her class back to my desk.  Becoming aware of how my body moves helps me also become more aware of how my mind moves.  

Ana Maria is so graceful a she gently guides me back to my body and what I notice.  It feels safe and comforting to be with her." 

Kathleen Lane

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