Gratitude and Acknowledgements

Thanks to the many people have helped make business at Move and Bloom possible:

Sylvia Shordike, Founder of the NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement®:
Sylvia's Learning Programs catapulted my understanding of movement and learning.  She helped me understand what it truly means to be of service to children living with special needs.

Anat Baniel, founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® (ABMNM), and her team of trainers and assistants:
Anat's training started my journey in the world of somatics.  She has taken the time to figure out how people learn best, so that we can create the conditions in the brain that allow you to grow possibilities.

Anat and her marketing team:
Anat has also worked for years to effectively communicate what the work is about.  Thanks to her for so graciously allowing us to use her words to help you understand body-brain movement better.  

Bloomington Team Somatics:
Thanks to Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD for giving me the words to talk about the work, and for leading me to Tessa Lou Gratzer, ABMNM practitioner.  Tessa gave me lots of lessons and helped keep me inspired during my training.  Christine Eartheart has my heartfelt thanks for introducing us all to each other as Team Somatics.  

Indiana University Kelley School of Business:
The community programs for small businesses run by Keith Dayton, Ph.D. helped me figure out what I didn't know.  Thanks to the many business students who helped me fill in the gaps!  

Downtown Bloomington, Inc.:
Keeping in touch with other local business owners has been invaluable!  Special thanks to Executive Director Talisha Coppock for connecting me with the programs a new business needs to start out.

The many small business owners who have supported me in one way or another: 
Karen Knight, LMHC  and Jan Bulla-Baker were instrumental in helping me get the word out when I first started.  Lisa Meuser of Integrative Healing, and Andrea Golden of The Center for Thriving Relationships enjoy the work, see its value, and inspire me to continually learn more.  Tyler Ferguson of Caliente Fitness and Chelsea Sanders of Blueline have helped incubate my group classes in their spaces.  (And Chelsea made me look impossibly good in her photos.)  Lisa Renee Wilson has captured striking images for my social media, too.  

My fellow movement educators
These people have my back.  They talk with me about the work, help me problem solve, and even join me for some fun interviews online!  Please check out their sites from the links in the comments on my FB live page @moveandbloom.  Show them some love if they're in your area!

My family: 
My sweet husband has been unfailingly supportive.  When we talked about the possibility of my training in ABMNM, he said, "You need to be inspired, too!"  He  and the kids gamely help me set up office space and talk through all sorts of business problems,  They even like getting lessons at home - they're the best!  

And, finally, Moshe Feldenkrais:
Anat Baniel's mentor, Feldenkrais said in his book Awareness Through Movement, something along the lines of "Move better, think better, feel better."  I appreciate his generosity in sharing his passion project with the world.  So many of us have benefitted immeasurably as a result.