Move and Bloom COVID-19 Reopening Plan

We all need to feel SAFE so that our brain is available to learn.

We will require all students over the age of 5 to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before attending in-person lessons:
I may ask to see a physical vaccination card, photo of your vaccination card, or a government-provided digital record before allowing you entry to the studio.   If you are immunocompromised and unable to get vaccinated, please call me at 812.679.135 to discuss your options.  

We will follow the guidance of the Monroe County Health Department, the CDC and OSHA in all matters related to health and safety.

We will talk about the risks involved in being together during the era of COVID-19 and make sure we answer everyone’s questions before starting our lessons together.

We will take care of each other by attending lessons only when we’re healthy:
Students and teacher alike will be pre-screened: 1) when making an appointment, 2) the day before an appointment, and 3) directly before entering the studio.

Any kind of cough is cause for postponing a lesson.

When a student arrives for a lesson, both teacher and student will go together to building restrooms to wash their hands. Teacher and student will use paper towel used to dry hands as barrier when handling bathroom door to exit and office door to enter.  Paper towel may be disposed of in covered trash can provided for this use.  Hand sanitizer will also be available in the studio for use immediately after a lesson. If a student prefers, they may visit the washroom in the building to wash their hands with soap and water instead of using hand sanitizer.  

We will all wear masks: 
Students are asked to arrive to lessons already masked. If a student does not have a mask, a mask will be provided. If a student must remove the mask for any reason, they will be asked to exit the studio. The teacher will wear a mask.  Teacher may also wear a face shield per their discretion.  

To minimize traffic in the building: 
Students will arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before their appointment time. Students will arrive on time, as lessons cannot go beyond their appointed hour. The teacher needs time at the end of the lesson to carefully clean the room surfaces and props (as per CDC and OSHA guidelines) in preparation for the next student. To maintain social distancing as much as possible, only a guardian or translator may accompany a student into the room. Any person asking to enter the room will be prescreened, masked and directed to sit at a minimum distance of six feet from the lesson table.

We will keep in touch: 
Teacher and student will inform each other if either gets sick within seven days of a lesson to facilitate contact tracing. The teacher always loves hearing what changes a student has noticed since their last lesson. Students, feel free to get in touch to share any news you’re enthusiastic about!  

To educate yourself more about COVID-19, please click here.